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As pioneers in modern living, we proudly present our expanding collection of four vibrant communities, with even more on the horizon.

Whether you're a thriving family or an empty nester seeking a new chapter, we offer an array of lifestyle options tailored just for you. Browse our communities below.

Marked map of Nova Scotia, Brison Developments

Retirement Communities

Map of The Crossing Retirement Community

The Crossing

Nestled at the threshold of the picturesque Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia, lies The Crossing—an inviting and secure haven for those seeking an enriching retirement.

Boasting a harmonious blend of tranquillity and liveliness, this vibrant community beckons to semi-retired or fully retired empty nesters, promising a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

The Meadows Map - 2024

The Meadows

Tucked away in Falmouth, Nova Scotia, The Meadows radiates tranquillity.

This hidden gem rests amidst rolling hills and vast fields, providing an idyllic backdrop for a peaceful home. Here, residents can unwind and revel in the beauty of nature, all while being conveniently located just moments away from a major highway.

Family Communities

Eagle Landing Community Map, Kentville, NS

Eagle Landing

In the heart of the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, Eagle Landing is situated in scenic Kentville. It offers easy access to the vibrant shopping hub of New Minas, the abundant local farm markets brimming with fresh produce, and the exquisite dining options in Wolfville.

Residents can relish breathtaking views while embarking on invigorating hikes or cycling adventures along nearby trails, as well as indulge in the acclaimed wines crafted by the region's numerous award-winning wineries.

While Eagle Landing primarily caters to families, Covey Drive within the community is specifically designated for empty nesters. Experience a neighbourhood tailored to your needs in this tranquil development.

Lawrence Gate Community Map, Port Williams, NS

Lawrence Gate

Lawrence Gate is nestled in picturesque Port Williams, which offers views of stunning dyke lands and Minas Basin tides.

For those looking to downsize, Lawrence Gate offers a peaceful lifestyle and its close proximity to Wolfville and Kentville ensures residents have access to amenities including shopping, farm markets, fine dining, hiking trails, and award-winning wineries. 

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